Assembly of GT Army Commences

So to make a long story short. I'm registered for the Vancouver GT. So are a lot of other people including some people I know (Nathen Cleven and Bryce Jensen among others). I wish I would have started painting sooner. I wish I was more productive. I wish I could keep to my painting schedule. Even though it is Christmas and even though others have even more painting to do then me, I'm still disappointed.

My carefully chosen webhost, has been less then spectacular. None the less I plan on updating my site and moving it to my own domain. Although I do not have any new models photographed, I do have some very, very close, to being finished. And today, I will be building my heavy support, with or with out Nathen, who seems to have trouble arriving.

The one thing I have done, is reread all the rules and scheme towards my army list. So since I have the time, and I need some fresh content, I plan to type it out this after noon. Apparently 2 am is not the best time to do math, as my carefully chosen army list now appears to be 85 points over. And to think I thought I was under by 40 points. Now I have to sell back stuff.

Since I've already painted the lord and chosen, I'm loath to change them, though my lord could easily be 30-40 points cheaper. The easiest thing to do is to sell back Nurglings or models from the gun line. Nurglings suck, possibly more then ever, but they add variety. And supposedly my all Plague Marine army lacks variety. It's an all Plague Marine army! I'm not sure what people expect. A third option is to sell back champ upgrades and special weapons as I spent a fair amount on that crap.

Oh well it's not like I didn't obsess over this enough already. Maybe I'll post, on my employer's server, as I still don't trust totally and let the listees hash over it some I need some sleep seeing as I have to work tomorrow.

Two updates in two days egads!
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