The backbone of the Diseased Sons is many units of Plague Marines. At one point I had seven squads all carefully numbered and painted. The squads evolved and expanded over time due as much to rule changes as anything. Many models specifically all my heavy weapons troopers were made illegal and so I stripped most of them and will be repainting them as Chaos Undivided over time. Now Nurgle Renegades are back including Havoc Squads if you use the Chaos Codex instead of the Death Guard Codex which I plan to at some point.

Diseased Sons Army

After the release of 4th Edition and the end of my MBA, I used some of my time to make the squads look better and be more useful on the table top. But before I could get all this done, another new Chaos Codex came out. The final step I thought was to be painting dedicated Icon Bearers and Champs armed intelligently for the latest rules set. Sometime in 2008 I was hoping to declare the Diseased Sons done and do some undivided or Khorne or even Slaneesh troops. Even with the then new rules supposedly favouring them I have zero plans to paint Thousand Sons. Alas I never had enough time and energy to paint every model I ever bought and the rules have changed yet again so I may make another attempt at finishing this army not just updating this website.

Warhammer 40,000 is now up to the 10th Edition and a second Death Guard Codex. In 2021 I tried to update this army to be if not optimal at least useful. I still might try running them as Renegades again someday, probably in 10th Edition after the lastest Chaos Space Marine Codex is released. I'm on record as saying skirmish scale games are just easier to get into and paint for, but more Plague Marines will be painted and more kneepads will be changed. I doubt I'll strip any model or bust off any weapons Plague Marines can not have bolt pistorls or regular flamers, I might do some "counting as". That seems to be allowed with GW changing the rules every few years. Demonic troops including my beloved Nurglings can only be allies in this latest codex. However, I've been painting Nurglings for years so I was not amused when this change was originally implemented.

I want to paint all the new models, but I don't want to paint many grey, brown or purple models, as I doubt I'll play any huge games, and if I do it'll not be with an optimal list. I need mostly new special weapons troopers and plus maybe a champ or an icon, as some of my icon bearers don't have a bolter currently. I will try ten man squads but five man squads have benefits versus blast weapons. I might try mixing special weapons more in 9th Edition. I've got lots of five man plague marine squads painted already.

Warhammer 40,000 9th Edtion Narrative Campaign Troops

We completed twenty two weeks of our narrative campaign, you can follow it on my painting blog under the tag the Siege of Vanithros's Bastion. Yes with a damn apostrophe s's! So far I've added the following troop choices to my Crusade army list. I plan to keep upgrading some of them with more requisition points but also adding new models even an entirely new squad as I have so many painted plague marines and the largest squad you can have now is ten, not twenty. This will require me painting a bunch of insignia and my eyes are not what they used to. I did get one of those magnifying headbands.

  1. The Burning Sores, number one in our hearts, armed with all the plague flamers they can get.
  2. Syphilis Squad, bringing the pain with plasma guns including one for the champion Bagonthehead the Unbearable.
  3. The Cancer Cell, a haven of scum and villany, led by Cancerous the Extremely Naughty.
  4. The Scarlet Fevers, binging more plasma and a plague spewer to the party and I'm painting a blight launcher, their champion has a much needed power fist.
  5. Gangrene, bring a much needed melta gun and another power fist to our campaign they are a necessary evil. They too will be getting blight launchers.

10th Edition Crusade

I'm not sure when it will happen, certainly not until the Chaos Space Marine Codex comes out so that Bill and I are on more even footing. I'm not sure who else he'll recruit. I was the only person to remain loyal to a single warlord and army list for the entire 9th Edition Crusade. Partly due to a desire to use yet more old models that have been collecting dust, partly from a desire to have more tactical options, and partly as a result of Games Workshop releasing it first, my 10th Edition Crusade army will be Nurgle Renegades who I have dubbed the Irony Warriors of Nurgle. I will use the Fellhammer Seige-Detachment and thus less Plague Marines. I will however get to run Havocs and I still will have plenty of battleline optinos especially using multiple books. Stay tuned for more updates.

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