Vancouver GT Highlights

Man are these things a lot of work. That said I was already planning my Nurgle 3.0 army list. The army I took to Vancouver looked good and was chosen mainly for that, that said I think I can do better.

How did I do you ask? Well enough to make it onto the final piece of paper that the MC reads the winner off of, that said I lost a lot of games so despite improving my score in all the other categories my overall score wasn't that high. Here are the final results.

I did some statistical analysis, got to get some use out of that class.

Category Raw Score Percentage of Total Points Change
Vancouver 2003 132.6/172 77.1% + 5.9%
Game Play 36/60 60% - 19%
Sportsmanship 33.6/42 80% + 14.3%
Painting & Conversion 36/40 90% + 30%
Army Selection 27/24 (30?) 90% + 10%

Category Raw Score Percentage of Total Points
Calgary 2002 128.6/179 71.2%
Game Play 57/72 79.16%
Sportsmanship 27.6/42 65.7%
Painting & Conversion 24/40 60%
Army Selection 20/24 (25?) 80%
Wicked Bolt Throwers

So although I didn't win anything or improve my score that much, I feel vindicated as I got a higher and deservedly so score in painting and conversion which was my goal. That said I was still surprised when I saw the final results. I'm not grumbling about my score but I still don't understand how the judges think. Oh well I think I can do even better, but next GT (which isn't going to be for awhile I'm burnt out) I'll be practicing and I hope to have a better army list.

The fantasy painting judging I understood, when I walked around the hall, I immediately liked one high elf army, as it had a nice wood paneling effect. He had two different wood graining effects one for each of his bolt throwers. This was very nice and I told him so, I even got a picture though it doesn't due them justice.

The army with the highest score on the 40K side won overall, and can you believe I never got a picture of it, he didn't display it, I saw it over Chris's shoulder once. He has since taken basically the same army to other tournaments. I never got a picture of Bryce's stuff either. I was in a daze... But I know painting, I got a good score myself, I called the fantasy trophy, but the 40k winner. I saw that army. I played that army. No offence to Patrick as he was a nice guy, but his army was boring and blue. Others such as Owen when I told him of the winner couldn't even remember this army. At least he displayed it and it does look good in Dirty Steve's photos. I just thought Bryce, who had a rough couple weeks leading up to the GT, had a more impressive army. I told everyone as much too, including the judges while they were judging my army. Neither Bryce nor I were upset when the winner was announced, but no one knew which army won except me as I played it in my last game. Check it out for yourself in a picture I took:

The best painted 40K army?

What was good about GT Vancouver

What was disappointing about GT Vancouver

How to do well in a GT

Although GW's coverage is infinitely better then it was in Calgary at their website if you want more. There is always Google, some of my pages are in the new index, and I always turn up cool stuff using it. Plus since Tobin seemed to think the one little pick I posted didn't due them justice, I added a gallery for just my 2003 Vancouver GT army. I reduced the number and size of these images on June 29th 2004.

Oh and I tried to recollect how my games went in part nine of my 2003 Vancouver GT diary.
Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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