Building a Defiler

Front veiw of Defiler Left side of Defiler Right side of Defiler Defiler Rear View

As soon as I heard of the Defiler I knew I needed one. Long range anti armor capeabilities are lacking in my Nurgle army. So once the Chaos codex was re-released and GT Vancouver was on there was no doubt I'd have one in my army list. I even tweaked mine to have twin linked Heavy Bolters and a Havoc Missile Launcher instead of the standard armament.

After I came up with my army list I came up with a scheme to build a Defiler. I mail ordered some parts and set to it. This conversion isn't that difficult. The thing that took the most work was cutting up the Tomb Spyder legs. I didn't have a blueprint when I started but given the parts I could crank out another one pretty easily.

It still isn't finished in that I may add some spikes to it, plus it will get a reasonably slick paint job. However since Defiler pictures are scarce on the web and I did finish building mine I thought I'd take a few quick snaps as I thought it turned out pretty good.

I decided on a millipead theme, as I thought that was very Nurglish. It also allowed me to use Tomb Spyder legs. The rest of the parts are pretty obvious. It is mostly made out of a plastic loyalist dread and an Ork Buggie/Truck. I had one left over from Gorka Morka but most any flat plastic piece could be used as the base.

To get the right size I actually used the Truck bed and a left over piece from the Battle Field Accessories sprew. I simply cut the Tomb Spyder legs apart and glued them on to my base. I then traced this onto a piece of paper to use inbuilding my display. When I got back to Vancouver I built the rest of the model.

I rarely use my dremel but I did use it to do some cutting and grinding on this project. I think I need some new accessories though. I drilled two holes in the bed to put in the Ork Dreadnought arms. Make sure you order the arms and the powerclaws... I had a hard time getting all the pieces. One crucial piece is the new Chaos Vehicle accessories sprew. It provides the Havoc Missile Launcher as well as two hatchs which were used in the torso.

After attaching the claws and the bumper, I decided to mount the Torso at the back rather then the front as I'd originally intended. First I had to figure out how it would sit on my platform. I ended up using a modified tank hatch for this. I used the other tank hatch on the gun which is the metal Vindicator one. I always intended to use the left over Chaos metal twin linked Heavy Bolter piece. The torso is pretty much the plastic dread it looks good and is solid. I put a piece on the back of the bed to tidy it up and voila, a Defiler.

Originally I was going to call it Didecapead as it has 20 legs. But I changed my mind to Boris the Defiler in remembrance of you know who.

I don't really want to see a whole bunch of these models made as it will make mine no longer unique. But hopefully this information will help people make there own scratch built Defilers. I know Vancouver Burnaby staff members are building them and their plans were different then mine. Nathan is also building one, I'll try to scare up some pictures. Now I'm off to celebrate the New Year with some Slovakian Beer!

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Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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