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Nurglings and Beasts of Nurgle serve almost no tactical purpose. They are included in a force purely for entertainment value. In the 4th Chaos Codex they aren't really an option, you could field them as Spawn. I intended to wait paitently for rules for these models and I find Nurglings so amusing I intend to paint up at least 8 more stands in anticipation of them actually being useable again sometime in 2008.

I have thought a lot on how to use Nurglings on the game table. Those thoughts are scatter about the site, but for the 2003 Vancouver GT I proposed these Nurgling Tactics. I always wanted to try out an army with 30 stands of Nurglings, that is 90 wounds with unmodified saves, even 15 stands might have sufficed. This tactic has been tried somewhere out there on the internet, people just don't plan on facing that many Nurglings. I hope to try it out someday myself but the rules keep changing and I have less and less time, energy, and desire to devote what little of those precious resources I have these days...

Nurgling Stand

Nurglings: George Jrs

I call my Nurglings George Jrs because I call my Great Unclean One "George". George Foreman has multiple sons named George Jr. My GUO is like George Foreman thus my Nurglings are the George Jrs.

I spent entirely too much time painting these models. Most people just dry brush them. I highlighted every single gobulat of puss. Each stand is painted differently. I used a mix of old style "humorous" and the then new style "mean" Nurgling. I prefer the old style, I generally prefer the old anything when it comes to GW. I'd almost forgotten I gave every Nurgling beady yellow eyes.

  • 9 * Nurgling Stands

Slimey and Esmeralda Beasts of Nurgle

Beasts of Nurgle

Although not a Troop choice, you can still field them in 40K as spawn but they are due for a rebasing. Although they look cool they are combat ineffective especially for their point costs. The models are a pain to assemble and their best use in the game is to take a lascannon for the team.

I have a green one called Sluggie, a brown one called Slimey, and a purple one called Esmeralda. Esmeralda's a girl.

  • 3 * Beasts of Nurgle

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