Chaos Reigns at Christmas

Another day, another scramble to assemble my army, my webpage, my life... Oh well, late last night after discovering my mathematical mistake in my army list, I modified it in such away that it will hopefully be just as cool, quicker to paint and even more effective on the table top.

My fourteen model Plague marine squad became a ten model squad. Their champion was also sacrificed. I also sold back a single Nurgling stand and rewarded myself with smoke launchers for my rhino and land raider. I hear they are all the rage. If I can get it all done to the standard I've set for myself, I'm confident I will do better then in Calgary. My goal is to finish in the top 10 or something. Nathan wants to win best painted. He's a good painter, probably better then me on a given day, but he just doesn't have the time in my opinion. I promise pictures of his stuff since we plan to put in long hours painting together. If only Thor had registered we would have been the Chaotic three.

I'm exhausted from yesterday and despite solid effort I continue to fall behind. I still have to wrap my presents and clean up my apartment a bit tomorrow before going to work. I still haven't finished a single new model, and my Defiler and Landraider are only partially assembled. If I can just get through those two vehicles it will be relatively smooth sailing, just a few more rank and file Plague Marines.

So far all my effort has gone into my Chaos lord and retinue. It is going to cost a fair few points especially riding around in a 253 point Landraider. I expect it to draw a lot of fire. My solace is if they are shooting at the Landraider they ain't picking on the weaker armoured Defiler. I'm trying to console myself with schemes of smoke launchers, fourteen armor all around, toughness five troops in good personal armor. Thank goodness the Veteran sergeant with Vortex Grenade is no more. Of course in a GT you get to see an opponent's army list and WYSIWYG is strictly enforced.

My webhost seems to be getting it's act together as is my DNS host. So I'm going to upload this to my own personal domain. Now that it will have content I'll have to see how my bandwidth quota holds up. If you've perused the whole website there are a lot of pictures. And as promised a new one. This is of my unfinished, but none the less reasonably spiffy Lord with most of his retinue. Notice the red shirt ;-)

Lord with Retinue (unfinished paint job)
Guess what I did over my Christmas vacation?
Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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