Does anyone get their GT Army done early?

It's true I have squandered some time. But I've also put in long days like today, when I never left my apartment building and painted from when I got up until when I went to bed. Sure I had minimal breaks to eat and stretch, check the email, change the CD, etc. etc. After all this I still haven't finished a model. Sure they're playable but they are not up to my standards.

I painted mostly my Defiler today. I still have to paint a few tiny details, including the little metal studs which I always dot brass. I have to do the same with my Landraider. And of course my Lord and Retinue need a few annoying things like eyes and ensignia done as well.

There is talk of more people coming over to paint tomorrow. I've already stated that the football playoffs will be on. Bill dropped by today. I was suppose to paint with Ryan who has 46 models to paint for his fantasy Chaos army. Ben is supposedly even further behind and is going with a team effort of sorts. I still have to paint seven more plague marines to make my squads more intune with the third Chaos Codex, oh and my army list needs them too.

I took down my website from my employer's server. I'm sorry if that caused anyone any problems. I and our sys admin especially were too busy to do a fancy redirect. My site was in Google at the old location, but since the GoogleBot has visited the new location already it should be in Google once again.

Speaking of Google I found some more scratch built Defilers. Two different ones by the same guy, he even did a Nurgle one, but his Geocities website is now long gone. He's of the piles of putty tenticals Nurgle school. I don't know if I'm cheap or what, I rarely use putty and certainly not to the extent of some other Nurgle players. I think I got his defilers backwards, one uses the Vindicator gun like mine, whilst another uses the Basilisk gun. We both used pieces from the old rhino, the Ork Dreadnought and the plastic loyalist dreadnought.

In addition to finishing off my army in the last seven days before the GT, I also am working on a large update. It will be a bit touch and go, but hopefully I can get everything done without having to stay up too late. Tonight I plan to go to bed shortly, so I can get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

The next day came, I painted, the Bucs Won!, Nathan, Ryan, and Devin came over, I managed to finish off my Landraider and Defiler. I worked on my Lord, busting his flimsy lead banner pole. I also didn't do as good of job as I would have liked on his face. But I just don't have the time to be excessively picky. I will be finishing them off shortly.

I took another look at my display. It needs some touching up, the brown is definitely off, but worse some of the holes for the bases were mangled in construction. I've since forced the bases to fit. So all I have to do finished the display base, the retinue, touch up a few old models (mainly repaint knee pads), and paint seven more plague marines, all in five days. Oh and I guess update my website again. Until next time, make mine Nurgle.

Vancouver GT here I come
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