Plaguemarine Gallery

I previously had a Plague Marine Gallery up at but the HTML was sub par and I wanted to replace it with a bigger newer gallery, and voila. This time I will have a description of the model and some tips on how it was painted for the Electric Ocean crowd. When it is finally indexed this gallery will likely be quite popular with Google Image search which if you haven't used it, is another excellent way besides Electric Ocean to find painted models online. I use it to find Nurgle stuff all the time.

The models in this gallery are arranged approximately chronologically as to when they were painted. They were all painted before 2005. In 2005 I enrolled in an MBA program, it did not go well. I did not paint let alone play 40K much during my graduate studies, but I think I painted one or two models. After my MBA my life was not great either, but I did paint more models and play some games, even entered some tournaments, eventually I started a miniature painting blog. Eventually I had to give up on the hobby and focus on studying for the CFA® Program and working a job I didn't want to do. After I finally passed all three CFA exams I went back to looking for a new job and decided to put more effort into my website and to try and brush up on some IT skills, it made my long for the olden days especially as a new edition of 40K came out along with a Death Guard codex while I was living in China. Hopefully I get to paint some new or even old models again, maybe even push a few models around on a table, in the mean time I have this website which should do better in search engines and social media after all this effort.

Jes Goodwin Plaguemarine
Jes Goodwin Plague Marine
Plaguemarine w/Plasma Gun
Plague Marine w/Plasma Gun
Plaguemarine w/Mealta Gun
Plague Marine w/Mealta Gun
Nurgle Renegade w/Lascannon
Nurgle Renegade w/Lascannon
Amputee Plaguemarine
Amputee Plague Marine
Plaguemarine w/Plasma Pistol
Plague Marine w/Plasma Pistol
Plaguebearer Head with Nurgling Brain
Plaguebearer Head with Nurgling Brain
Plastic Goff/Plaguemarine Arm Swap
Plastic Goff/Plague Marine Arm Swap
Plaguemarine w/Mutated Arm
Plague Marine w/Mutated Arm
Plaguemarine Champion Pointing
Plague Marine Champion Pointing
Plaguemarine Flamer Conversion
Plague Marine Flamer Conversion
Red Shirt Plaguemarine
Red Shirt Plague Marine
Plaguemarine with Banner
Plague Marine with Banner
Plaguemarine as GW intended
Plague Marine as GW intended
Repainted Nurgle Renegade
Repainted Nurgle Renegade
The Best Plaguemarine Model Repainted
The Best Plague Marine Model Repainted
Classic Death Guard Model
Classic Death Guard Model
Forgotten Plaguemarine
Forgotten Plague Marine
New Metal Plagumarine
New Metal Plague Marine
Another New Metal Plaguemarine
Another New Metal Plague Marine
eBay Nurgle Renegade
eBay Nurgle Renegade

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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