2005 Conflict Vancouver

If only I had stayed up late working on this webpage last night I could complain how once again I got my coverage up of an official GW event before GW did. But alas I just checked and GW Canada's official coverage of the 2005 Conflict Vancouver is no longer online. They've changed how they do it again. Gone is the section where they take a picture of one model from every army in the tournaments. Although this led to some less than stellar models being featured on GW's site, it still was probably a kick for those that can not paint as well...

Iron Warriors Defiler/Tank

I was a bit on the hungover/sick side I think so I missed some of the morning. I mainly went to see some friends and take some pictures. I once again missed the winning 40K best painted army, but I did a better job of calling the painting contests. My photos from that are not as good as GW's as they had the whole lighting set up and didn't have to shoot through plexi-glass.

Just hanging out/working at the event I saw the manager of GW Victoria who is a nice guy, I also saw Darren (GW Metrotown manager?) who seems to have forgotten my name. I saw Thor and Nathan who ran a game. Thor used elements of his Necron and former Space Marine army which I had battled against in preparation for GT Calgary. Rob of recent battle report fame was just hanging out. At the very end I ran into Simon who was one of the judges in the painting contest.

In the tournament room I saw Steve Mansfield erstwhile Calgary GT opponent. I also saw Bill who greeted me loudly with a big hug. I think he was on some sort of gaming high, as his Nurglings had just killed a Giant. Surely a rare event even in Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Other WCP'ers were out and about though I didn't see Sean and Johnny didn't play. I had a chat with Mark mainly about my camera, he had the same one until he broke it apparently. I saw some more Seattle people I recognised. An opponent (Jeff Ireland?) from the last GT I attended recognised me. He was playing fantasy with a new Ogre army which he painted in three weeks. He didn't even have the only Ogre army. Also present was Mike Lawerence and his Sons of Stallingrad. He was one of many Imperial Guard Players. I thought I took a picture of his army at the 2003 Vancouver Grand Tournament, but I couldn't find that photo, the best I could do was dig up a picture of part of his nurgle army from the 2002 Calgary GT.

While walking around the tournament room, I had pangs of regret I didn't enter. But when I was doing finance problems all Sunday and considering the fact I hadn't painted or played a game since the semester started I made the right decision. I actually have exams next week so I really don't have time for adding a major addition to my website... I plan to study later today I got up at 7am in order to get started on my ta do list. Conflict Seattle isn't looking too likely. I did hear a rumor that the next Conflict Vancouver will be in August and at UBC. The irony is due to needing an internship I may not be in town... I'm toying with flying to Winnipeg for Astronomi-con as that is suppose to be a blast.

Perhaps I should have co-ordinated better with them, but I'm not exactly a regular, but here is a thread over on Bolter and Chainsword about the just completed Conflict Vancouver. I emailed one guy about Vancouver once, but he never replied. Possibly he used a phony email in his contact info to try to cut down on Spam.

Eventually I got around to playing another game of 40K with the Diseased Sons but I've yet to enter another tournament.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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