Finished School Working on Army

As the term wrapped up a lot of news was happening on the 40K front. Version 4.0 came out but news of three tournaments in the new year reached me:

Purple Plague marines

Obviously I couldn't attend all three, I'm way too busy. Conflict Vancouver is the easiest to attend but I don't think I'll have my army done the way I want it by then. Also I think I'll just show up and pay $10 and see some friends at that one. Astronomi-con Vancouver which was suppose to be at Trumpter's Salute seems to have hit a snag. The Trumpeters website also seems to be down... That leaves Seattle, which is the farthest away and seems like the most adventurous of the bunch. The points total might be a bit different though. Of course it all depends on my course schedule of my Sauder MBA program.

With an eye on Seattle I need to get painting. I don't think I can paint up an entirely new Predator over the Christmas break in addition to everything else I want to get done, so I plan to gussy up my existing Predator. This includes more highlights, more shading, more detail work, more conversion work. One big problem is this tank is not armed optimally for 4th edition. I think optimal armament would now be twin-linked Lascannon turret with Heavy Bolter sponsons.

My next priority is some terminators. I have the models I just want to repaint them to better match my latest work. Unfortunately paint keeps drying up on me, I chucked a pot of Bleached Bone just this morning. Luckily I had bought a pot of Beige in a new painting range I'm trying out. It has proven very popular with online painters, Vallejo Model Color.

If I get all that done I will paint some stuff just for fun. I got lots of old models that need some touch ups and re-highlights plus I bought the new Plague Marine Havoc box and the new Plaguebearers box so I might do up a tutorial. I also hope to get in some games and do up some new battle reports, such as the 3000 point game I played against Rob and Jonathan.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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