Heretics and Renegades

Heretics and Renegades, the Lost and the Damned, Traitor Guard, these should all be more numerous than Chaos Space Marines, yet on the gaming table they are not. Maybe someday they will be better represented on the table top. I bought the Seige of Vraks Part 3 so I could have the Nurgle Renegades list, but then reality set in and I haven't made much progress on doing an army using that book. Now the rules have changed many times.

Chaos cultists are back, but not popular in a Death Guard or even Chaos Space Marines armies. Being a contrarian I am painting and using Chaos Cultists rather than Poxwalkers but I may eventually get some of them. I actually have a legal squad but I plan to expand it and improve it and who knows another new Chaos Space Marine codex will come out that might make them more fun to play.

Death Guard Chaos Cultists
Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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