Tactical Squads

Plague Marines armed with Bolters are Nurgle's Tactical Squads. I painted my tactical Plague Marines Brown but there is also one rogue grey/green squad which is a very versatile squad and is also included here. My decision made back in the 90s to paint squads a different color based on their tactical role hurts as my army had a lot of unused figs. However in the then newest Chaos Codex it will become useful again as I'll probably use the Green models as Plague Marines and the other ones as Nurgle Renegades similar to how I ran things in 2nd Edition. If you have say 20 painted models with bolters all in the same scheme, they can be moved among squads freely, then if you really are worried for the tournament you could touch up the squad markings, but in addition to play testing and even overall army look having all your models the same or similar color scheme is advised.

Brown One sample model

Brown I: Diarrhoea Squad

Yes they look like shit and are damn proud of it. Nurgle is the only army where when people say that a model is hideous or revolting it's a high compliment. This squad is a pure tactical squad. Originally they had a heavy weapon rather then a special weapon. I like to keep plenty of melta guns around to make up for a lack of models that could be legally armed with heavy weapons...

With the newest Codex this squad will become the Nurgle Renegade Havoc squad with Heavy Weapons as it was the only one with multiple painted heavy weapons after I stripped most of them to repaint the models as Chaos undivided.

The brown squads have orange eyes and insignia. This model was painted in the Gorka/Slater influenced style likely while I was living with Owen. The main brown I used was Beastial, but I believe it may have dried up on me too now. The brown squads should have green tubing. This model was based on the first plastic plague marines issued, I did a wide variety of arm swaps on these models. I have perhaps 10+ models based on this one model.

Picture of model

Grey I: Jaundice Squad

This squad was actually one of the most useful due to having every possible special weapon. It is a true tactical squad, with some nicely painted miniatures however I did not do a good job at matching the colors over time. Thus it fell out of use as I tried harder to do well in painting at tournaments. I added too much green wash to one batch. This squad was based off one of my favourite old paints Ghoul Grey, alas mine is all dried out. The second picture was the first Plague Marines in a new style, influenced by my friend Slater's painting style. But also influenced by Gorka Morka.

Besides the greyish green armor this squad has yellow eyes and insignia, hence the name. They have green tubing and for maximum inconsistency purple tubing at other times. I also painted three with plasma guns to try out what I refer to as the "list squad" which was three chaos marines with three plasma guns for 99 points. This was during second edition.

This squad can be used as Plague Marine Havocs with say four special weapons or a regular Plague Marine squad, I have an icon bearer converted for this squad and it will be painted before the end of 2008 I imagine. Then they could also be used as Nurgle renegades either as a TR or HS choice.

These two squads probably won't get much updating for 9th Edition and the second Death Guard codex. The green squads will be the workhorse squads with the purple squads retaining their plasma gun and heavy weapon themes. Heavy weapons are not totally out for the Death Guard they just come in the form of heavy plague flamers known as spewers. I might have a spewer and a belcher squad and then a blight launcher squad. One of these squads might become the blight launcher squad.

Another Squad Member

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