2002 Calgary Grand Tournament Diary Entry Five

Well it has been awhile. Too much jacking off and not enough painting and updating web pages. I haven't been totally stagnant though.

Although I wanted to avoid a big list of links for my Nurgle website, Nurgle has been well represented at recent Grand Tournaments and I wanted to put in a few links that may get lost in the warp eventually:

A lot of time has passed and I did a lot of procrastinating. I also painted a rhino, a dread, and a dozen plus plague marines. Now all I have to do is touch up my older models and paint objectives. I have less then a week to do it though. Actually it is the night before I fly to Calgary now... In Calgary I will have a day or two to touch up some models. I've twice discovered I didn't plan so well.

I have piles of painted plague marines but I've divided them up into eight squads. And generally if a squad needs something, say a flamer, I paint another flamer, however I ended up a Plague marine short in two squads for my GT army list. So I did the unthinkable and repainted two knee pads (squad markings) rather then try to paint two more models at the last minute. I'm confident I can paint my three objective markers by the end of tonight. They're black now, but all they are is Nurgling infested supply chests.

That leaves me about 10 Plague marines who's paint jobs are 6-8 years old. It doesn't show so much from across the table but it does show up close. Can you spot them below? Worse my squad members don't match so well due to among other things, changing painting techniques and the disappearance of certain colors from GW's range. I'm not going to have a fit, I know I'm not winning best painted, someone is going to go all out, where as I did not.

I had some other obligations and something of a life beyond the internet and miniatures. I also have acquired the pieces to make a custom carrying case for my army so I don't have to check any of it at the airport. I might post some pictures of it someday it is pretty sweet. Basically when I make a case it involves foam and a tool box/container. I also have made sure this website got updated before I left for Calgary, plus football season started what a crazy weekend. Oh and I drank a lot on Labour day with Owen and the crew. Below is my army at freakishly high resolution, wish me luck.

Huge Picture of GT Calgary Army
How did I do?
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