Chaos Space Marine Lords

Nurgle Chaos Lord with Kai Gun

Many have desired to lead the Diseased Sons, however most are not worthy of Nurgle's blessings. Over the eons a few mortals have seized the mantle of leadership. Usually only a handful of Diseased Sons are ever seen together in small raiding parties. Several memorable campaigns such as the Vancouver Incursion and the yet undetermined third GT sortie from the Eye of Terror will see new faces come to the fore. The Imperium will tremble should the Diseased Sons ever assemble in their hundreds.

This page grows every larger and seems to be very popular in Google, so rather than take down pictures or resize them further or lower quality I've broken this page up yet again into a page of Terminator Armoured Lords and Power Armoured Lords. I generally prefer cheaper HQ choices so there are more of the latter. I occasionally field a Deamon Lord.

In 9th Edition with the latest greatest Death Guard Codex I think I will run a Lord of Virulence, probably just using the standard model which is a new kind of Terinator armored lord. I am planning on fielding this army as the 7th Plague Company, the Sons obviously so plan to lean in to plague flamer theme. Usually I run a customized model but a twin plague spewer is hard to pass up, I like not missing. The demon prince can get something similar if they release a new kit or maybe I'll finally buy this Forgeworld model.

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