Terminator Armoured Chaos Lords

Although they keep making it cheaper and better on the table top, Terminator Armor doesn't seem to live up to the fluff, especially the Rogue Trader era fluff. I mean five terminators used to be able to take on an entire Space Hulk invested with Genestealers and be expected to possibly succeed.

New Style Terminator Lord
Terminator Lord Claw

Ouzo the Unsettling

Not to shabby of a paint job eh? I painted this for a GW Victoria painting contest. I even managed to win. However I've never used this model much in games as I think terminator armor isn't worth the points. They've changed the rules again making it a better deal. This is perhaps my best paint job or was prior to 2000. I used the tiny lines technic on most but not all the armor. I also conjured up some other really nice colors.

The marine helmet is suppose to be Imperial Fists. The lightning claw is Swooping Hawk Turquoise with white mixed in for the highlights. I probably did some thinned out washes too. I painted this several years ago so I can't recall exactly what I did.

I used a metallic green, possibly the one Jon Westmoreland gave me. That is a color I've been working into my Nurgle army. I keep changing how I do purple. Lately I use pink with a wash over it as part of the highlighting process. I also use washes and glazes a lot to get the shiny wet look. My skulls are done with bleached bone (a super old pot which has since dried out and been chucked) over black. Then a watered down rust ink then more bleached bone dry brushed on. Then I dry brush white. I also usually put black ink in the eye sockets.

This is my only model I have with a lightning claw. I hear lightning claws are swell. The face is Ghoul Grey with various blues. Ghoul Grey is the best color Citadel ever made, though the one I've used the most besides black is Ork Flesh.

  • Terminator Armor
  • Lightning Claw
  • Bolter-Melta Combi Weapon

Old Terminator Lord

Ostiperosis the Old School

This is the original commander of the Diseased Sons. This fig was used a lot in second edition back when I didn't know what I was doing and everyone used a Deamon Weapon. This guy was also a confirmed combat drugs fanatic and kicked his share of ass in h2h.

The paint job was good for it's time, especially the sword. Which has a fade and tiny red veins. Alas it finally broke clean off and I epoxied it back on and have not repainted it. I used to dry brush everything back in the day and it shows.

Though I must have used him many, many times, this is not the fig that led the Diseased Sons to infamy. This is a precursor to my real general of note Oderous the Unclean. This model may have gone by that name, but has most recently been seeing the game board as a terminator champion or even a sorcerer. I stopped using the Deamon Weapon as I thought it was too passe.

Repainted OOP Terminator Lord

This model was recently repainted and will likely find its way onto the battle field as a Chosen in Terminator Armor, possibly even a Champion. I like to keep my lords down in points so Terminator Lords or even Lieutenants are unlikely unless someone talks me into a 3000pt game or something.

This model was named Ostiperosis the Old School after it was repainted and used in my third GT army list. That will now be it's name forever I imagine. I plan to eventually move beyond using a pure Nurgle army, but I still have plenty of models to paint that are already converted and primed. I also need to paint yet more stuff to make certain squads legal and effective after GW changed the rules again.

  • Terminator Armor
  • Combi Bolter
  • Deamon Sword / Plague Sword / Force Sword / Power Sword
Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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