Power Armoured Chaos Marine Lords

This is a collection of models who have or will lead the Diseased Sons at some point. They are all equipped with power armor and armed in a variety of different ways. They are all slightly converted, but some more so than others.

Leperous with his shiny new deamon weapon

Leperous the Obese

Commander of the Vancouver Incursion another swell paint job and conversion. I was rushed assembling my Vancouver GT 2003 army so it could have been better. I believe I tied for third in painting score. I equipped this model less then optimally. The addition of a power or deamon weapon and maybe another demonic reward could make this model much more effective on the table top. At it's heart is the Nurgling Infestation for which I used the old palanquin model I traded for long ago. The miniature itself was a then new Chaos Champ from the fantasy range with a Kharne backpack.

The armor was painted with numerous coats of green with plenty of helpings of ink and glaze. I wanted it to glow with inner evil. The photo Dirty Steve took of it seems to have been moved, GW is always revamping their website. They must have had some substandard guys working on it at one point, because a site that large should have a consistent structure and pages that can be linked to for more than a couple of months. I've fixed links to their site several times in the years nurgle.muschamp.ca has been up. Although it was at the GT this model and his retinue got overshadowed by Boris and my Landraider, which is a bit sad cause as much time as I put into those two models I probably put more into this one.

Besides the Nurgling Infestation I wanted a strong lord, so a Great Weapon and Deamonic Strength gives Leperous strength six. However with no gun or power weapon the never ending supply of 3+ armor saves that most armies have renders him pretty ineffective. He can instant kill some characters though. I might dust him off, but my next army has entirely new lord conversion planned.

I uploaded a picture of Leperous to CoolMiniOrNot. It got my highest rating so far, though Ouzo the Unsettling which seems to have been removed, might have had a higher score. My miniatures never do overly well at CoolMiniOrNot. I only posted a few just for a lark, the website is too busy with flashing banners and what have you. I guess they need to fund the site. Ironically the photo was taken by Dirty Steve so maybe my photography is to blame for my poor scores...

The fourth Chaos Codex makes this model the prototypical Nurgle Chaos Lord, he is on the Planquin of Nurgle and he has a two handed weapon. I even repainted his halbeard so it would be more deamonic. I'll have to try him and his now cheaper Landraider out someday...

  • Power Armor
  • Deamon Weapon
  • Planquin of Nurgle

Oderous Front Torso

Oderous the Unclean

I built this model in Yellowknife. It was in Yellowknife where I got really into emailing and into the 40k mailing list. Thus this model, with it's dated paint job is still the supreme commander of my army at least until I finally unleash the new school terminator lord.

I've decided this fig will go down in history as Oderous the Unclean, though I tend to create new leaders for armies on a regular basis, this model/name combo will likely hold the title of most often used in an army list. A chaos lord with a jump pack and wargear to make him better in H2H is a very effective general.

The paint job irks me, seeing as I can do better. The conversion which includes a bigger sword, a custom jump pack and a plasma pistol with a hanging skull is still nice. The paint job is just too rough around the edges so this model hasn't been used much or perhaps at all since the switch to 3rd edition. I'm not going to strip it, but I will try to spruce it up some at some point. I may make an undivided or non-Nurgle version of this basic set up to use in the newest Chaos Codex.

  • Power Armor
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Deamon Sword / Plague Sword
  • Jump Pack

Epilepsius Front View Axe Side

Epilepsius the Unbalanced

When third edition came out, even before it officially came out, I was playing a lot of games with Owen my roommate at the time. We played on a 4 * 4 table and used small points as he was painting a Deathwing army to coincide with the official release of the game.

Even before the switch to third edition, in smaller games, you don't need the fullbore Chaos Lord and so I needed a model who looked cool, was legal in the new rules, and who didn't cost too many points to field. I ended up building Epilepsius.

He's made from a then current range Plague Marine with Kharne's backpack. He has a Goth arm and a weapon from the chaos H2H sprue which I hadn't gotten to use much because most of my models are armed with bolters. The paint job is quite nice and you can see how the tiny line style gradually evolved. This model can be either a two or a three wound lord.

By being on foot and not in terminator armor he is often accompanied by a retinue and rode about in a rhino. With spiky bitz and his normal stat line he is quite a foe and is very cost effective. I gave him an axe because they're no longer any worse then swords and they look cool. Notice the tiny lines on the axe. I painted the axe blue, then did the lines in white then used washes to get the effect.

I've used this figure as my general up until I finally went insane not being able to wound and switched to Slim. I also didn't want to spend piles of points on a retinue and instead wanted to just pile the Plague Marines on the table. You know how much work it is to kill 50 of the buggers?

Epilepsius for centuries swung his axe with his right hand, until finally one day his armor just stopped fitting correctly. Now looking to become Epilepsius the Ambidextrous he's switched to using his left arm to swing his axe.

  • Power Armor
  • Power Axe
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Spiky Bitz

Maceo the Maligned

He had a clever name once and so he shall again. After well over a year of being unamed, I was struck by inspiration while on a bike ride and have dubbed him Maceo the Maligned after Maceo Parker and the fact he is carrying a mace. The idea behind this model is that he would be even cheaper than Epilepsius. When Owen and I first started playing 3rd Edition, before it officially came out we mistakenly allowed models armed with a plasma pistol and a power weapon to ignore armor saves and use the strength of the plasma pistol to wound in H2H. Due to the 12" range and the fact that you now lose an attack if you fire before charging, I think I can live without a plasma pistol on my lord. I've given him just a bolter and power weapon. All models with the Mark of Nurgle get true grit so that is why he has a bolter rather than a bolt pistol.

Chaos Lord armed with Bolter and Power Weapon

This model is the aspiring champion from the Plague Marine Havoc box set. Supposedly that is the only way to get this model. It has one of the new metal plague marine backpacks. One arm is from plastic chaos knight sprue I think and the other is metal with a plastic chaos space marine bolter. The base I bought from Epicast run by an old 40K mailing lister.

It took me a while to paint this model, I had to paint it in a few starts and stops. One problem I had was my pot of Goblin Green drying out so I used a blend of camo green and rotting flesh as part of the armor highlighting. The skull/face and the gunk on the backpack was painted in Camo Green and Rotting Flesh but with a wash of a very old pot of Waaargh Green Ink. The power mace started out as Deadly Nightshade which I started highlighting with an old pot of Swooping Hawk Turquoise. I then gave it a thinned down blue wash than I applied more highlights of Turquoise and slowly started mixing in Space Wolf Grey. I then did another really thin blue wash, I even used pure white in the highlight process but I dulled it a bit with the wash. It is not as nice as Epilepsius axe which actually used a really simple process or Ouzo's lightning claw.

The skulls on the base were painted significantly differently than the skulls on the model and how I usually do my skulls. I used a dark brown over the black base coat. Next I painted Blood Red on top of the brown, it wasn't a dry brush but kinda a wet brush. I then used my new pot of Bleached Bone with the flip top, which seems to be considerably lighter than my old, old, old pot, and did a true dry brush. It looked pretty cool but I wanted to do a wash. I mixed Rust Brown Ink with Plasma Red Ink and water, it probably should have been thinned down more, but I applied a really heavy wash of that and waited for it to dry. Then I dry brushed the skulls again with Bleached Bone to get the final effect. The skulls on the model have no dry brushing and use Skull White as the final highlight. I also didn't use red or brown when painting them.

This model is not slated to be the leader of my third Grand Tournament Army but it may find it's way into the army anyway as it is fairly well painted and armed intelligently for 4th Edition. It might serve as an Aspiring Champion but in the mean time it will likely get used next time I play a small points game.

In the 4th Chaos Codex there is no Chaos Lieutenant and no way to give a bolter to a character. I can give him a combi-bolter or I can use him as an Aspiring Champion. He may just become a chosen. I'm a big fan of the new Chosen though I plan to use them as undivided if I ever get serious about playing 40K again. I'm trying to make cheaper squads so I'll have more scoring units, the Icon of Nurgle is the most expensive and I think only worth it on large squads.

Sometime before 9th Edition came out I modified Maceo to have a combi-plasma when this option was introduced to Chaos, to this day he has the only one in my entire collection. And because he had never lead a major campaign and had maybe been used in a handful of games I enbiggened his base and made him the warlord for my army in the Siege of Vanithros's Bastion narrative campaign, where he managed to displease the Chaos Gods due to his inability to defeat other warlords in melee becoming a Chaos Spawn.

  • Power Armor
  • Power Weapon
  • Combi Plasma

Malefactor the Marred

Nurgle Chaos Lord armed with Kai Gun

This model was created to lead my third grand tournament neigh conflict army into battle. For my Nurgle 3.0 army I wanted it to be more shooty, embracing this I decided to arm my Chaos Lord for ranged combat giving him the Kai Gun. Not many people seem to use the Kai Gun so it must not be the best use of 25 points, but visually and thematically I liked it. For the model itself I used an old out of print Nurgle Chaos Renegade armed with a heavy weapon (grenade launcher), which can't be fielded anymore. You can read all about how it was painted, if you care.

I finally got to field him in a couple games, I'm still expirementing with what wargear and rewards to give him and whether he should be a Lord or Lieutenant. I think Infiltrate might be a really interesting veteran skill to give him and I can easily afford it by sacrificing a wound. This would make him a defacto sniper and allow him to deploy creatively. I'm not trying to play who can build the biggest H2H monster, but mealta bombs are a useful surpise and Nurgle's Rot is a staple of my third GT army.

He works well against some armies, those with a lot of light vehicles or high cost models that don't have the best armor save. He is not so great against say Imperial Guard. Against the guard he is better off in H2H. Even a Chaos Lieutenant with no extra points spent on H2H ability is more than a match for a few guardsmen or even 30. You can read how Malefactor and the rest of the Nurgle 3.0 army did at West Coast Mayhem 2007.

For 9th Edition this model will get demoted to become a Plague Marine or Havoc with a heavy weapon, now he is serving in the Scarlet Fevers.

  • Power Armor
  • Kai Gun / Plague Spewer
Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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