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Red Shirt Plague Marine

Red Shirt Plague Marine

This model was part of my retinue in the Vancouver GT. That retinue had both terminators and powered armoured models, champions and sorcerers, what I thought it needed was a completely disposable guy to die first. So in a nod to the Ottawa Red Shirts and of course Star Trek I converted up and painted this guy.

His chest plate is done in Blood Red, with more Blood Red, and more Blood Red, and probably some Plasma Red Ink or Red Wash and maybe even some Red Glaze. I don't like red highlighted with orange or worse still yellow when I'm painting guts and intestines. I developed the all Blood Red technique to keep the color dark and pure. I've used it on power weapons, even flesh tones, and plan to use a similar technique whenever I get around to painting Bezerkers.

This is yet another unique conversion of the one pose plastic plague marine model. My retinue was pretty much a flop on the game table. I hope my Chosen do better in my 3rd Grand Tournament.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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