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Plague Marine Flamer Conversion

Plague Marine Flamer Conversion

This plague marine was converted to have a flamer for my 2003 GT Vancouver Army. The armless plaguem marines became a staple of my conversions after the plastic plague marines went out of print. I even made use of the new style gimme five arm. The old gimme five arm didn't have the thumb sticking up, this new style one, I used in a few models, though I don't like having the bolter going across the chest as it obscures detail. I suppose if I was the type of guy who painted a model in pieces it wouldn't matter as much, but I always assemble them, prime them, than paint them. I believe I got the plastic flamer from the 3rd Edition boxed set. Of course it took me something like five years to actually use that bit, and I still have all my Dark Eldar from that boxset...

This model also has the Death Guard shoulder pad, which I picked up at the Calgary GT, which is another indication of when the model was assembled and painted. Some how I got talked into buying a whole handful of these shoulder pads, I've used about five. I think I gave Thor a dozen or so and I still have literally a handful of them...

At some point I put a different picture of this model up on CoolMiniOrNot and you can vote for it there.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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