Game Three upon the Road to Glory

Things have a been a bit busy or I've been surfing the web too much and not building it. I have done some painting and I even played a few games of Warhammer 40,000. The game described below was against Malcolm's Iron Hands on the eve of the release of the new Marine Codex using the almight 5th Edition. Malcolm Won.

Now that all the suspense here is how it all went down. I remember taking a defiler so that I could enter it into the Strategies Immortal Brush painting competition, it ended up winning the large futuristic category, something I've now done two years in a row. Take that Kelly Kim!

My actual losing army list is in Excel format so use Microsoft or some open source product to read it in its entire glory.

Two armies deployed on a table

Iron Hands Forces

Malcolm Says 1


The battle is drawn
Malcolm Says 2

Early On

Later on in the game
Malcolm Says 3

Mid-Battle Thoughts

Later still in the game
Malcolm Says 4

The end is nigh

The Iron Hands Dreadnought conguers all
Malcolm Says 5

Final Thoughts

I lost this one, not surprising considering the effort I spent picking my army list. I also probably did some things wrong and I'm still learning the fifth edition rules. Even more depressing was learning Malcolm was wanking out on me for West Coast Mayhem forcing me to press on friendless...

Malcolm Says 6

Malcolm and I are both busy, heck Malcolm is a newlywed so it'll be a while before we battle again, maybe early December. Malcolm is threatening to temporairly abandon the Iron Hands and work on some new Marine army. I will finish the campaign with the Diseased Sons but I always intended to paint and play more than just Nurgle. I also have a real old and archaic Space Ork army so in 2009 look for some changes to

In the mean time go read how the plague marine-less Diseased Sons did in a large regional 40K tournament.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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