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Plague Marine as GW intended

Plague Marine as GW intended

From a too dark photo to a too bright photo. I happen to know that these two models were painted in the exact same batch. I believe I painted a batch of ten to be my gun line for GT Vancouver.

Alas I'm recollecting incorrectly. This model was chosen partly cause it shows the two campaign badges from my two grand tournaments I attended. It can also be seen in the picture I took of Calgary GT Army prior to flying to Calgary.

Another reason I included this model in the gallery of plague marines was because it was armed as GW intended, with a bolter across the chest plate. It is one of the few armless models I assembled this way. I prefer to use the armless models to do more creative mini conversions. Now in the latest Chaos Codex, Nurgle Chaos Space Marines get true grit.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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