Approximate CanGames 1997 Tournament Army

This is based off of an army list I wrote out just before the tournament. The actual army list may have been slightly changed. There were several army lists made before and after the tournament. I try and save my army lists, I have almost every one I ever used in a game of Warhammer 40,000 going back to 1993 and several army lists that never got used. I thought Oderous the Unclean would have been the leader of this army and maybe he was, maybe Tom McCarthy remembers, we had a rematch sometime after the tournament, though he took Nids instead of Loyalists and I made a special anti-Tyranid force. I'm still convinced to this day, at least in 2nd edition Nurgle was the perfect anti-Tyranid army now we are on Chaos Codex 4 and I haven't played Tyranids since 2nd Edition. CanGames is still going though I think my glorious victory got removed from their website.

I know I just finished my Icon Bearer on bike before the tournament so that was the first time I think I got to test it out.

CanGames 97 Veterans

Few models remain from this army. Many have been stripped and repainted over the years. Those that I'm relatively confident saw the field of battle in Ottawa will get snazzy campaign badges to commemorate their glorious victory. No model has appeared in all four major tournaments I've entered but there are at least a few that have appeared in 75% of them. With Astronomi-con Vancouver being next up, a few models will earn their fourth campaign badge. And with the newest Chaos Codex, some will earn their very first.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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