Space Orks

I actually have a lot of painted Space Orks, they are very old, and not painted as well as my newer work, but they predate the Diseased Sons and someday will see the table top again. I collected more models to add to them and GW has made a lot of nice plastic and now even Forgeworld Resin kits, so yeah it could well happen even if I just paint what I own which is a lot, but I have at least two other large projects ahead of the orks. I'm not sure I want to paint another 100 green skins, but I'll try to make this force legal for the first time since 2nd Edition when I switched to playing just Nurgle Chaose Space Marines.

I put a bunch of pictures of my older models online before I went to Japan. I might take some new or better photos, especially after I have them in working units under the new rules, but in the mean time, just look at the gallery I put up in 2003.

I have painted at least one Space Ork since then, plus a bunch of fantasy greenskins. They appear on my blog. I've also created a gallery on Flickr of miniatures I've painted which includes the odd greenskin.

Ork Nob
Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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