Post Game Advice

Win or lose it's important to scheme towards your next game. There are always more models to paint and new tactics to try, especially now that we have arrived at an 8th Edition of Warhammer 40,000. The more you play the more you'll need to paint, the more money GW will make that seems to be the nature of the beast. I have more schemes then I have time to test so I'm sure there are lots of brilliant tactics I haven't gotten around to trying yet, especially in the latest edition, which I've yet to even try. With the game constantly evolving and a whole world of players to battle what works in your small gaming circle might not be so effective against fresh opponents.

I was fortunate through the 40K mailing list and moving about to play a variety of people (mostly in 2nd edition) so I used to know more then I tend to let on when I'm playing. I choose not to argue for the most part and I have little tolerance left for annoying opponents. One day I'm going to pack up my miniatures and go home in the middle of a game.

40K can be an enjoyable pastime but it is also expensive and time consuming. I think my most heavily involved days are passed. I don't care for all the directions the game has taken. I still like science fiction though, and a cool looking model is still a cool looking model. I enjoy strategy games for the most part and can tolerate the dice rolling, because one day they have to go my way right?

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