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Currently there is no forum at and it is unlikely to change any time soon. There are several reasons for this:

  1. This website is about my army
  2. I pay for all the bandwidth out of my pocket
  3. There are already plenty of gaming forums on the internet
  4. I don't like most forums, they seem to have too much riff raff hanging out in them posting drivel
  5. Poorly run gaming forums haunted by unsavory individuals do stuff like this.
  6. Social media has largely replaced the venerable forum and even older mailing list.
  7. I've largely been out of the 40K scene especially that of the obsessively competive and pathetically juvenile bragadoccios.
  8. I once built a miniature painting news aggregator, but PHP is not my friend, so it is needs attention and time I don't have.
  9. I did start a dedicated miniature painting blog, it gives you the ability to leave comments.
  10. I basically gave up all my hobbies in pursuit of the CFA® Charter which I finally finished.

Some people may be aware of another Nurgle website which did have a forum. They appear to have disappeared off the Internet, paying for webhosting bills for decades is no joke, especially when you are unable to secure that often promissed high paying job. I didn't have a high opinion of that place. It could be because every few months some person I've never met sees fit to insult me. It isn't even one person. They don't know me. They aren't winning any friends, and now they're being mocked on the Internet in perpetuity. Congratulations.

Yet another thread on where people suddenly decide to insult me and my website/army

For the record my proposed third GT army has zero manreapers in it. I have two reaper autocannons which is both legal and the only way a troop with the mark of nurgle can get a gun that shoots over 24 inches. Being able to shoot over 24 inches is a good thing, especially being able to move and shoot over 24 inches. It is obvious that pestis and Morbo have difficulty with the English language. The latter can't even spell the only word in his one word post. Can I get anyone to "Seconed" that?

There is a reason I don't frequent that forum, but if people want to insult me, that makes them fair game to be publicly mocked IMHO. You should never argue with an idiot though, people might not be able to tell the difference, so I took my screenshot and like Val Kilmer in Tombstone:

"I'll make ya famous."

Alternative Online Venues

Although it seems to have suffered an exodus due to people getting older, finding new hobbies, and the rise of alternatives, I'm still a fan of the original 40K mailing list. This is where I historically posted my website updates.

Although slightly more work, the rise of open source, often PHP based board software, has caused forums to spring up like weeds. The following is a list of ones I have actually joined which implies I also posted at least a couple times, though I don't follow any of them daily or even weekly, though sometimes I do...

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