Since they are not powerful enough to lead their own warband of Diseased Sons these models pledge their support to the Chaos Lord. However the rules keep changing and different models have to be repurposed, if they are to have a purpose at all...

Extreme close up of Icon Bearer on Bike

Isaacous the Devout, Icon Bearer of Nurgle on Bike

I finished this conversion just in time for a tournament in Ottawa where I met Tom McCarthy and trounced him soundly. This model is very well painted but is in an older style. I've posted decent picks of this model online before so I used the macro feature to take a cool close up action type shot. It's hard to capture this model in photos, you almost have to pick it up to see everything.

Under the old odl rules, this model is not worth it's points on the game board. Maybe if it gets lucky it can earn it's points back. I built it cause it looks cool. It also goes from being legal to illegal often. The icon bearer is now just a member of the retinue whereas in 2nd edition it was a separate entry in the codex. I've taken to using it as a sorcerer on occasion to get it on the board but it's still a really expensive, one trick, instant killable model. One thing I don't agree with is claiming a second h2h attack (from two weapons) while riding a bike, I mean how do you drive? The game designers have finally patched up that ambiguity and even added a two wound non lord army list entry to tempt me to field this model again.

Repainted bike with extra gore

Then they took the two wound option away making this model either a sorceror with a magic stick or this model will be demoted in most cases to being just an icon bearer for a squad of Nurgle bikers. I will improve the paint job a bit though.

  • Chaos Bike (twin linked bolters and scythes)
  • Power armor
  • Mark of Nurgle
  • Force Weapon
  • Bolt Pistol
  • Mealta Bombs

Cancerous the extremely Naughty

Cancerous the Extremely Naughty

In the black codex days, Chaos Sorcerers didn't exist but the Chaos Magus did. This was one of the first Nurgle models I painted. t was originally used as an ally to my orks like all the Diseased Sons. But slowly I switched my allegiance to Nurgle.

At different times a Chaos Sorcerer has kicked a lot of ass in games terms. It is now 9th Edition and Cancerous is being repainted, he also has got a demotion. Due to his lack of power armor and smaller size, he is going to lead his own unit of Chaos Cultists which I have dubbed the Cancer Cell.

I was quite proud of this paint job back then. I didn't even have a flesh color, I used bleach bone plus pink and maybe some orange or something. I've perhaps fixed some chips but for the most part this is how it's looked since 2nd edition was released. Back then I only had a dozen or so paints. Now I have tonnes of different shades many of which I hardly use. Occasionally when I want something to really look different I'll blend a color like I did on Slim.

There is a definite Monty Python influence on the name of this model. I have Orks named after each member of the Python troop in my original army.

  • Sword
  • Pistol
Chaos Champion of Nurgle
McFly the Malevolent Sorceror of Nurgle

McFly the Malevolent

This is another old fantasy champion. You can still mail order this one from GW Canada cause that is how I got it. I used him in my 2003 Vancouver GT Army as the Chosen's sorcerer. He is an expensive one wound model, these generally have a hard time paying for themselves on the table. He looks cool though. For 9th Editon I rebased him and made him my Malignant Plaguecaster because he does look cool and is armed with a pistol and a stick.

  • Bolt Pistol
  • Corrupted Staff
McFly the Malevolent

Dr. Stealgood

This is the first of the Feotid Virion I've painted. I never got him done in time to use in our 9th Edition Warhammer 40,000 campaign. And obviously I'd liked to not have been rushed painting him, but I got him done in time to make the Internet happy. I've yet to try him in a game, but basically I have a lot of plague marines so making them better and more resilient is in my best interest. Plus they are turning the Death Guard into a horde army it seems by reducing the cost of things in 10th Edition, so yeah I'll field more models, they may not be optimal but they're painted.

  • Plague Bolt Pistol
  • Balesword
Plague Surgeon
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