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Plastic Goff/Plague Marine Arm Swap

Plastic Goff/Plague Marine Arm Swap

A little known fact is I originally played Orks in Rogue Trader days. This wasn't exactly by choice I don't think I ever won. The old ork rules were so random it was difficult even to pick an army list. When 2nd Edition came out I was still playing Orks mostly but I converted some loyalists to be chaos allies. The Diseased Sons were those models and gradually they expanded to become an army in their own right and eventually due partially to the cost of an Ork army and the fact it required so many painted models I became a Chaos player.

I still have all my old OOP orks but the rules have changed so much. The size of ork models particularly the heros have increased too. My old paint jobs lacked highlights and the pallet was initially limited to the just the Ork VS Eldar paint set and black. That army is unlikely to see a table top any time soon. I also have a fantasy Ork and Gobbo army which needs a lot of painting too. When I get my 3rd GT army finished I will probably move on to an undivided chaos space marine army as I already have models I can strip and use. I also still have some unpainted chaos and loyalist models. My main reason to do an undivided army is so I can use stuff that Nurgle is forbidden from using which I already own. Eventually I will do up some Khorne and Slaneesh models, at least that is the plan. Than I could field a massive Black Crusade style army or just have a little variety if I ever get to play again regularly.

Dave "Squig Brain" Handy website seems to be no more, but Dave still put in appearances at Seattle GTs, but few websites stay online as long as mine. He and I were the original ork players on the 40K mailing list. Gradually I became more of a Chaos guy, throwing my lot in with Isaac, Graham, and Bub.

Anyway as a result of all this, I had a lot of Ork bits and used them in my Chaos army including this easy arm swap, as both the plastic Goff and the plastic Plague Marine came in one pose with a second piece that was the right arm. The advantage of this swap was that model was now armed with a bolt pistol instead of a bolter which I thought was an advantage in the pre-codex days of 3rd Edition. The flesh was painted with Ghoul Grey possibly highlight with Bleached Bone if I had to guess.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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