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Amputee Plague Marine

Amputee Plaguemarine

Why an Amputee Plague Marine? Because GW had a shortage of arms especially arms on one side that weren't in the gimme five pose. As a result of this arm shortage and while trying to come up with squads armed with bolt pistols for 3rd edition I made up a batch of amputees. The arms going across the chest which were intended to go with the gimme five arm and a bolter were also useless.

The paint job is pre-tiny line and I think this model was painted during the 8 months I lived with Owen. We did a lot of gaming in that house. 40K obviously but also Gorka Morka, INWO, even some role playing. The photo came out too dark, but it isn't anything special, the model is merely an example of batch of Plague Marines I painted up in the late 90s. It does have the brass backpack ends which I think looks sharp and is something I reused in later batches.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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