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New Metal Plague Marine

New Metal Plagu Marine

It took awhile, but I finally bought and painted some of the latest batch of plague marines released by GW. This model was meant for my next tournament army. I've now got a single squad with 20 models armed with bolters and plasma guns, giving them all 24" range. I may end up fielding a unit of 14, not for the free champion, but just because I rarely can bring all 20 guns to bear... Despite having 20 models armed with bolters, every single model in the squad is different, either via conversion or through using numerous OOP models. I tried the large squad out against Rob a couple of times.

These models proved difficult to assemble. I didn't have the best glue, I ended up using two part epoxy and I had to pin the arms on. I've never pinned plastic arms to a metal model before. This was all done in the five days I was in Canada on vacation while I was working in Japan.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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