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Classic Death Guard Model

Classic Death Guard Model

This may be the first Death Guard model sculpted by Jes Goodwin and not the other one I mentioned. I really should do some research into this. Regardless this model was repainted while I was living in Japan. When I got back to Canada I put a snap of it up on CoolMiniOrNot possibly this exact photo, and someone saw fit to say purple/pink was inappropriate for Nurgle, apparently Brother_Lars was appointed to some position of authority on painting Nurgle while I was in Japan.

I thought I did a particularly good job with the tiny lines on the chest plate. You can see how the tiny line technique can be used in addition to edge highlighting. Generally the tiny lines look best when they all go the same direction, usually vertically just like pin stripes. The helmet was done with the lines flowing up and over the model which looks good. The chest plate however has lines going many directions, sometimes this turns out great, sometimes it does not.

Notice this model has a bolter and a pistol in the holster. In the olden days marines, Chaos or Loyalist came with both bolters and bolt pistols, at least that seems to be my recollection ten years after the fact.

Words and Images © Andrew "Muskie" McKay.
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