Even with a toughness of five, Plague Marines can appreciate the safety provided by the armoured shell of a Rhino.

Party Mobile Front

Rhino: The Nurgling Party Mobile

Perhaps the single most famous model in my army. The paint style is a bit dated. And the conversion is not as elaborate as some you see now a days. I however built mine a long time ago so it has veteran savvy. Proof of it's age is in the pure old school Nurglings that adorn it. Hell they have a new rhino kit now. I even own a beige plastic rhino but it's not this one.

  • Bolters
  • Extra Armor
  • Nurgling Infestation
Side view of Party Mobile
Rhino Front

Rhino with Extra Head Room

In a flurry of painting at least by my standards over the last few years. I painted up a rhino shortly after finishing the dread. I unleashed them both in my comeback game, a resounding victory. This was actually a predator model which I painted just before the release of the new rhino.

Rhino Right Side

The extra head room was provided by spare rhino parts. I also used pieces from the chaos vehicle sprew, the real vehicle sprew (which came with the predator my first predator was too old to get that sprue) and even some fantasy shields though I don't think they show up in the picture. I put several coats of green paint on this model. All the lines are going the same direction to achieve the effect. It was a lot of work whether it looks it or not. Even the bottom has these horizontal lines. It's the first model I've had with smoke launchers in the 3rd edition. I had heard they were all the rage. As is often the case I forgot to fire them.

Rhino Left Side
  • Bolters
  • Smoke Launchers

Rhino Three Front Shot

Was Supposed to be Tri Colored Rhino

This was specially converted to be painted purple on one side, green on one side, and brown on a third side. But part way through the green base coat I realized I forgot. I was upset but I was also trying to get stuff done in time for the Calgary GT. I slacked off a lot but Musk finishes his models.

We break for pus!!!!!
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