Deamonic Lords

Only two deamons have ever lead the Diseased Sons, but they have achieved a certain level of infamy. Owen is particular fond of them so when I went to Calgary for the GT, I made sure to take George and Slim regardless of their tactical merit. Based on all the Bloodthirsters at the Vancouver GT (at least three in 40K alone) Greater Deamons are now a valid general choice.

Deamon Prince of Nurgle Slim's Sword

Slim, Deamon Prince of Nurgle

Slim is mocked among other Deamon Princes of Nurgle for his lack of girth. None the less he has served the Diseased Sons well. Since the release of 3rd edition I've been searching for an effective general during game play. Never known for luck I frequently fail to wound in h2h. Since I like h2h especially with my general, I searched for a way to increase my leader's strength. The only way I found was through a Deamon Prince. Fortuantly, I had just painted one to lead my fantasy deamon horde.

Although a good paint job, it was even better before a travesty occurred while sealing the model. I left it outside where it got covered in tiny specks of pollen. I had to chip them off with an exacto knife then touch it up. I now spray outside then let my models dry inside.

  • Mark of Nurgle
  • Plague Sword
  • Wings
  • Flail of Skulls (in fantasy) It's detachable

George the Great Unclean One

George, the Great Unclean One

A legend at least in his own mind. This is my Great Unclean One, George. I named him after two famous Georges. A cartoon "George", you know the one. And of course the punching fatman, George Foreman. George Foreman once said "If I miss with the right and I miss with the left, I can still catch him with the belly bump." So although the stats for a GUO have changed overtime I always rationalized one of his attacks was the infamous Belly Bump.

I painted George a long time ago, in the old dry bush style. I painted right over that with a style that is very early predasessor to my tiny lines style. This is not the best picture my sunlight was fading.

  • Claws, belly, and vomit.
  • Depending on the whims of the game designers some measure of Psychic or Magical Powers

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